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The Sleep and & CBT-I Workbook

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Designed by therapists - 

Identify your sleep patterns and achieve restful, quality, & sustained sleep over time with this easy-to-follow, 6-week program. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)—the most effective evidence-based tool for sleep issues—and written by therapists, this workbook addresses the most common barriers to good rest, and equips you with a plan to address any future sleep struggles. INCLUDES: -An analogue tool to combat the effects of our 'always on' modern world. -42 Sleep Log entries to gain insight into your sleep patterns. -6 phases designed by therapists to improve your sleep quality and quantity. -Daily tips and reminders from trusted therapists to help you get the rest you deserve. -112 guided pages on 8”x5” paper.
Made in United States of America