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February Book club

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Welcome to Book Club!

We've created a safe environment to come together and deep dive into discussion over our monthly book, while we relate and reflect on the story and the author. We have carefully curated a list of authors that we feel have written stories full of representation and inclusion; these authors are either BIPOC, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, women, or a combination of these. Because we prefer our feminism to be both international and intersectional.

Ran by two best friends, Jens love for literature and Laurens love for food and cooking, we craved community and connection with other women. We curate everything with intention. Book Club is a space to open up and nourish our bodies and enrich our minds through discussion, private dinners and workshops all powered by women. 


Acts of Service by Lillian Fishman 

About the author: 
Lillian Fishman was born in 1994 and lives in New York. She received her MFA from NYU, where she was a Jill Davis Fellow. Acts of Service is her first novel.

About the book: 
Eve has an adoring girlfriend, an impulsive streak, and a secret fear that she’s wasting her brief youth with just one person. So one evening she posts some nudes online. This is how Eve meets Olivia, and through Olivia the charismatic Nathan. Despite her better instincts, the three soon begin a relationship—one that disturbs Eve as much as it enthralls her. 

As each act of their complicated, three-way affair unfolds across a cold and glittering New York, Eve is forced to confront the questions that most consume her: What do we bring to sex? What does it reveal of ourselves, and one another? And how do we reconcile what we want with what we think we should want? 

In the way only great fiction can, Acts of Service takes between its teeth the contradictions written all over our ideas of sex and sexuality. At once juicy and intellectually challenging, sacred and profane, Lillian Fishman’s riveting debut is bold, unabashed, and required reading of the most pleasurable sort.

Why I chose this book: 
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, let’s talk relationships. But love and sex is more complicated than chocolates and roses. Almost 82% of women do not orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, 59% of women admit to faking an orgasm, 95% of heterosexual men have an orgasm during sex where their partners have an orgasm at almost half that rate. So why does our language as a society still center vaginal penetration with a heterosexual man and woman as “sex”? The goal for reading this book is to ask this question and more, to reflect our own sexual experiences and empowerment as we redefine sex for ourselves. 

A breakdown of our February Book Club:

  • E-zine
  • Newsletter with our end on month book discussions and notes from our Zoom chat and additional book recommendations 
  • You provide your own book



  • A once a month group Zoom chat with Jen with a 1hr discussion and breakdown of our book of the month
  • E-zine with writing/discussion prompts
  • Newsletter with exclusive book club content and our end of month zoom discussion notes
  • You provide your own book



  • Book of the month
  • Book club gift bag
  • A recipe card from our Featured chef of the month
  • Workshop gift
  • Newsletter subscription
  • A once a month group Zoom chat with Jen with a 1hr discussion and breakdown of our book of the month



Membership includes:

  • Bi-weekly meetup at Valley Studios with snacks and drinks
  • Book of the month
  • Welcome tote with a club exclusive gifts
  • Interactive zine with writing prompts and coupons
  • Snacks and refreshments
  • Dinner from a featured local female chef
  • Workshop with a featured female artist
  • Spotify playlist

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How this works

Pre-order your spot in Book Club. Pick up for your book and gift bag will be at the store during a casual evening to mingle and meet everyone who will be reading the book with you. Dates for Book Club meetups will vary each month but expect dates to be Friday evenings. You will receive a welcome email once you reserve your spot. 

February Schedule

Book pick up and meet and greet - FEB 3 6-7pm
1st book discussion and self love workshop guided by Jen - FEB 10th 6-9pm
Last book discussion, dinner and DIY BFF bracelets - FEB 24th 6-9pm